Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Treatment
1x CelluErase + 4 x Strikecell
StrikeCell the mesotherapy treatment designed to improve the appearance of cellulite on areas of the body such as legs, thighs and arms. It is the latest advancement in the treatment of the appearance of cellulite and contains a cocktail of active ingredients.

Celluerase involves the use of a special surgical microblade cutting device which has been designed for the soul purpose of cutting fibrous connective tissues forming the distinctive dimples. By preforming a subcision within the treatment area, this will allow bands of fibrous connective tissues to spring back resulting in the smoother appearance.

The results are immediate and once a specific depression is treated it should not need further treatment. Working in conjunction with the StrikeCell mesotherapy treatment, approximately 8- 10 depressions can be treated in one session.

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