DR CYJ Hair & Scalp Treatment

DR CYJ Hair & Scalp Treatment

DR CYJ Hair & Scalp Treatment
Dr CYJ Hair Filler

DR.CYJ Hair Filler is known as the world’s first hair filler injection that’s solely created for treating hair problems including hair fall, improving thickness and stimulating hair growth.

Its formula of hydrating reticulated hyaluronic acid and a number of innovative peptides, work in harmony to transform and benefit your scalp. This revolutionary injectable was produced by Caregen, a renowned company which develops esteemed technology within the sector of biomimetic peptides.

Born out of fourteen years of Caragen’s research and development, macsoflondon are thrilled to offer this tried and tested, hair transforming filler at our London location. As a result, we are proud to contribute to the full and aesthetically gorgeous appearance of our client’s hair no matter who you are.

What are its incredible benefits?

Here at macsoflondon, we make use of only the best, latest treatments in London.

Dr.CYJ Hair Filler boasts an array of incredible benefits which includes combating hair loss as well as promoting hair regrowth and encouraging hair to become thicker.

This remarkable injectable also allows our London clients to see incredible improvements to the health and appearance of their scalp. It enhances the circulation of blood to the scalp which results in hair becoming stronger. Additionally, dryness is eliminated and issues like dandruff disappear.

What is DR.CYJ Hair Filler made up of?

  • Reticulated Hyaluronic Acid - Working in combination with amino acids, it has moisturising qualities and rejuvenates the scalp.
  • Decapeptide-18 - Encourages the creation of follicle stem cells which will produce new hair.
  • Oligopeptide-54 - A peptide which modulates the signalling of Bone Morphogenetic Protein 4, a protein which regulates hair follicle size and works to amplify active hair growth.
  • Decapeptide-10 - Nourishes hair follicles and increases their amount of blood vessels. Also works to make the hair shaft thicker.
  • Octapeptide-2 - Increases keratinocytes. Keratinocytes are the most common layer of skin cells that make up the outer layer of skin. Damage, stress and ultraviolet radiation are reduced by the protective barrier of scalp keratinocytes.
  • Oligopeptide-71 - Hinders the development of grey hair.
  • Decapeptide-28 - Initiates the growing of hair.

Normally £1400 - Saving £300

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Dr CYJ Hair Filler

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